Pleasure Empowerment – 30 Days Selflove 

Are you prepared for a 30-day self-love practice? It will be a transformative journey to awaken your sensuality, creativity, and authentic self-expression. Reconnect with self-love, embrace your body, and amplify your capacity for pleasure and aliveness.

Dive into a world of sensations and sensuality, I invite you to tap into the boundless potential of your body as your primary source of eroticism – a treasure trove of somatic wisdom waiting to be explored and discovered.

The journey started on the 9.10.23 with a Zoom call – but don’t worry you can start at anytime and do it in your own pace. 

Here you find the Link to the Recording of the Call:  Passcode: ^?zB79RU

All the Assignments are posted here and in the Telegram group

If you have questions or access needs don’t hesitate to reach out via telegram @pleasureempowerment or email pleasureempowerment(at)

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The daily assignments, which will be posted in the Telegram group as text and sometimes accompanied by a short video, are intended to inspire you. Allowing you to adapt everything to your unique needs and comfort.

What is embodied Selflove?

Embodied Self-love is a personal practice that invites conscious exploration of your body, supported through breath, voice, movement and touch. 

It’s an opportunity to open up to new sensory experiences, with your entire body as a vast erogenous playground of pleasure. Throughout these 30 days, we’ll explore various dimensions of self-love, from mindful sensual caressing to passionate self-pleasure.

This practice enhances your ability to savor delight and integrate sexual energy into your daily life, nurturing your connection to yourself as well as with others.

Tailor your practice to suit your preferences, whether it involves movement, dance, breathwork, the use of toys, or meditation. Throughout, we’ll celebrate every emotion as a valuable tool for release and acceptance.

The daily assignments, which will be posted in our dedicated Telegram group as text and sometimes accompanied by a short video, are intended to inspire you. Allowing you to adapt everything to your unique needs and comfort.

This practice was developed as Orgasmic Yoga by Joseph Kramer, one of the founders of Sexological Bodywork, with insights from other pioneers in embodiment and sexuality. Most of these texts have been part of the Sexological Bodywork Training I did at the ISB Berlin. Please check the Sources below for more information on the authors.

What do you need?

Space for your practice

Dedicate a comfortable and private space for your practice. Make it inviting. Setting a clear start and end time for your selflove session.

Setting Intentions

Start by setting one or more intentions for this self-love journey. What do you hope to discover or nurture within yourself?

Selflove Time

20-30 Minutes daily would be ideal time for your practice during these 30 days.


Sometimes your Practice can involve: massage oils, soft candlelight, lubricants, essential oils, a blindfold, a variety of sensory tools & a journal for reflections

Into the Depths of Selflove

Read some of this to get a deeper understanding and some Inspiration for your upcoming practice. 

Meet Me

About Me

About me: I’m Janina Vivianne (she/her), an Intimacy Coach,

Sex Educator, and Workshop Facilitator with a lifelong passion for sexuality and self-pleasure. The practice of self-pleasure has empowered me personally and allowed me to become less dependent.


Since 2019, I’ve been creating embodied selflove workshopsat festivals, and got so many requests to make this a more regular accessible experience.  I started hosting monthly SelfLove Workshops for the Loslassen Verein at Sarfabrik in Vienna.

These 30 days of Self-love aim to provide a easy accessible, and inclusive space for your somatic exploration. I use gender-neutral language and prioritize the needs of intersectionally marginalized individuals. All my workshops offer a sliding scale for pricing and I aim the locations to be full wheelchair accessibility. This online Journey will be on Free donation base and the Materials will stay available online. 


Program Image
Program Image

Selflove Workshop


Thinking I knew everything I could know about touching myself, I attended the Self Love workshop with Janina. Her careful holding of the space and constant encouragement to explore the unexplored, led me to a breakthrough in my own understanding of my body – allowing me to run along the edge of orgasm for longer than I thought was possible. Not only did this enhance my own pleasure, but also immediately added to the richness of sex with my partner. I am so grateful I took the risk to attend!”

– M, Selfove Workshop 2022

Feeling free to be me, to express my authentic self in the Self-Love Workshop, when you gave us permission to be loud and cry, I felt seen and loved unconditionally. This was so special, so important, and I really needed this space you held so well, with firm acceptance, confidence, and care. Thank you, Janina

– A. Selflove Workshop 2023

Your Workshops are really advanced. I like the sincere topics mixed with laughter, the safe space, the q&a, your time Management. And I really liked that you had Material with easy language for everyone. I felt really guided and informed by a lovely professional. Thanks a lot!

– About my Workshops 2023


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Accountability & Feedback

If you ever feel uncomfortable or experience any form of discrimination, misconduct, stigmatization, or similar issues before, or during this time together please don’t hesitate to let me know.

You can either fill out this feedback form anonymously or reach out to me directly.

Your well-being and comfort are important to me, and I am here to support you.