Here the list of the Festivals I will be teaching and holding space: 

11 & 12.5.24 Sensual Exploration Weekend Hamburg

29.5 – 1.6 Lighthouse Festival – Oasis Floor

6-9.6.24 Taboo Festival

26-28.7.24 Xplore Berlin

8-11.8.24 Andere Welt Festival

15-18.8.24 Subtilla – Schloss Ottenschlag

25-30.8.24 Touch & Play

21 & 22.9.24 The Parallel Universe  

9-13.10.24 Schwelle Festival 


Workshops & Events by the Loslassen Association:

19.5.24 The Parallel Universe Vienna – Pleasure Bodies –

20.5.24 Kissing workshop Vienna – Save the Date – Infos coming soon 

24.05.2024 & 25.05.2024 Anger & Emotional Release Workshop Vianna

by Ax Anastasia Lopez & Janina Vivianne

15.6.24 3 Circle Selflove Vienna – Sa,  – 18:30 – 21:00 –  Community Cuddles from 21:00 – 23:00 


During the Week Monday to Thursday, I am still working as a Sex & Intimacy counselor and Sexlogical Bodyworker in Vienna and online. More Information on my Work and Trainings below. 

My Offers

I offer one-on-one sessions of sexological bodywork and Sex & Intimacy counseling ( Sexualberaterin ). You can choose to have the sessions at my Praxis room in Vienna, or in the comfort of your own living room online.

Intimacy Coaching

Discover the transformative power of somatic coaching. In our safe and supportive sessions, you'll unlock your desires and address challenges. I provide coaching on topics related to sexuality, masturbation, intimacy, self-discovery, and non-monogamy.

Sexological Bodywork

Explore your sexuality with Sexological Bodywork, a dynamic and creative somatic bodywork approach. Explore desires, and find satisfaction through a combination of breathwork, touch, and mindfulness in a safeR, supportive space. Read more about the Method of Sexological Bodywork here:

Sexual counseling

Trained in the Sexocorporel method I offer a evaluation of the sexual system, and that helps to find a path that is tailored to your individual sexuality. This will help you understand your own sexuality and expand your sexual well-being.

I will inform you about the pricing of the sessions via private message, as it depends on your income and the lenght of the session. More information about my formation and trainings below. 

Program Image Program Image
Program Image Program Image Program Image

Accountability & Feedback

If you ever feel uncomfortable or experience any form of discrimination, misconduct, stigmatization, or similar issues before, during, or after a session with me, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 

You can either fill out this feedback form anonymously, reach out to me directly

Your well-being and comfort are important to me, and we are here to support you.

Learn more about

My Mission

I am Janina Vivianne, an intimacy coach, sex educator, and event organizer based in Europe.

My mission is to spread awareness about Safer Spaces, Sex & Body-positivity, and Accountability. I hold workshops on connection, intimacy, self-love, and body positivity, as well as sex-positivity.

My vision is to create safer spaces where people of all genders, identities, and backgrounds can explore different forms of connections that align with their wishes and boundaries. 

My Trainings: 

Program Image
Program Image

My Projects:

Teached Workshops at: Müncher Kammerspiele, Xplore Berlin, Festival of Sensations, The Intimate Revolution, Blaue Blume Festival, Sexolution Conference, The Parallel Universe, Hedoné, New Healing, Schwelle Festival, Hedonistic World Congress, Pffv, Garbiz Festival, Nowhere, Kiez Burn, IKSK, Sexibility at Änsbacka Sweden.


What is

Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork invites you to explore your sexuality, release tension, and connect with your authentic desires through an embodied approach that combines touch & hands-on techniques, breathwork, and mindful awareness, in a safeR and supportive setting. Every session can but don’t have to involve touch. 

In my practice, I embrace the principles of Sexological Bodywork® to empower individuals, couples, and groups on their journey to self-discovery, erotic development, and enhanced embodiment. As I am the final phase of my training, I am providing sessions at a discounted rate. I’m in supervision until April at my Training institute ISB Berlin

As a bodyworker and intimacy coach, my mission is to guide individuals toward profound self-discovery, enriched erotic living, and a deeper connection with themselves and their partners.


Bossy Massage / Empowered Touch: Inspired by Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, this technique enables you to clearly define which part of your body you wish to be touched, how it’s touched, and for how long. It fosters transparent communication and empowers you to express your desires and boundaries.

Body Mapping Exploration: Develop a sensory map of your body through internal and external contact, deepening your connection and familiarity with every inch of your being. This method can be applied to your entire body.


Meditative Sensual Touch: Immerse yourself in a deliberate, unhurried experience of touch, including sensitive areas like genitals and anus, within a tranquil, meditative space. This practice enhances your sensitivity, presence, and overall sensory awareness.

Scar Tissue Rejuvenation: Employ a range of touch techniques to explore, soothe, and reawaken scar tissue across your body, with particular attention to areas like the chest and genitals.

And many more somatic methods…


Hands-On Sexual Education: This method involves practical exploration of anatomy and open dialogue to address questions and concerns. It offers a tactile, informative approach to understanding the human body, fostering knowledge, confidence, and informed choices in matters of sexuality.

Body Visualisations: We will create a secure environment where your body can narrate its stories, focusing on specific body parts or regions I will invite you to creatively visualize it. Share your emotions, reservations, and unspoken taboos to facilitate this transformative experience.

More Infos:

Somatic Awareness: I believe in the holistic nature of the somatic experience, which encompasses not only the physical body but also our spirit, mind, emotions, and feelings. As a bodyworker and intimacy coach, I guide my clients to turn their focus inwards, exploring the rich tapestry of sensations within their bodies. This includes delving into the wisdom held in their tissues, unlocking emotional releases, and deciphering the narratives stored in their nervous systems.

Tailored Support: Clients come to me with a wide range of needs, from desiring greater access to pleasure and heightened erotic experiences to seeking a more profound connection with themself or their partner’s touch. I’m here to assist with these unique wishes and challenges, to facilitate a broader understanding of erotic embodiment.

Client-Centered Approach: My approach centers around the client’s journey. Through the use of movement, breathwork, touch, sound, and awareness, I empower individuals to create meaningful change and explore the body and sensations. Together, we work to break free from limiting habits, release what no longer serves, reawaken the body’s sensitivity, and cultivate a more expansive, integrated erotic state.

Holistic Methods: My teachings encompass a diverse range of methods, including breathwork, foundational touch techniques, somatic learning, body and genital mapping, consent exploration, meditational touch, pelvic release bodywork, scar tissue remediation, and personalized selflove/ masturbation coaching.

Arousal Exploration: Through ‘one-way touch,’ we explore arousal and embodied pleasure without societal pressures and constraints. This meditative state allows clients to recognize their bodies as sources of wisdom, freedom, and belonging, providing a safe and inspiring space for continuous growth and evolution.

Ethical Standards: I strictly adhere to a Code of Ethics, ensuring that sessions are client-directed, genital touch is one-way with the use of gloves, professional boundaries are maintained, and I remain always clothed during sessions.

I support the notion that sexual health, erotic education, and pleasure are fundamental human rights and vital components of overall wellbeing.



Ready to start your journey of growth and self-discovery? I’m here to help. Contact me, to ask questions, schedule a info call or book a session.