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I am Janina Vivianne (she/her), and I’m all about intimacy coaching, sex education, and curating unforgettable events right here in the heart of Vienna. My passion is all about empowering people to embrace their sexuality and accept themselves unconditionally. I’m on a mission to create safeR, welcoming spaces for those of you on your exciting journeys to self-fulfillment through Sex- & Body- Positivity.

I offer affordable one-on-one sexological bodywork and intimacy coaching sessions in Vienna, either in person or online, as I am currently training as a Sexual Counseling. Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment together.


In my workshops, we get hands-on, diving deep into the art of intimacy, nurturing self-love, and building those crucial consent skills. All of this, while we strengthen genuine connections.

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Is it for You?

Are you seeking a deeper understanding and connection with your own sexuality?

Do you feel like you're settling for less when it comes to your sexual experiences and desires?

Are you ready to explore pleasure ?

Do you wish to liberate yourself from beliefs and habits that hold back your sexual potential?

Are you open to receiving guidance and support to enhance your sexual well-being?

Are you ready to explore and grow into a more fulfilled and empowered version of yourself in your sexual and intimate journey?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then my coaching and sessions may be just what you need to embark on a transformative journey of sexual self-discovery and empowerment.

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My Services

Online Sessions 1:1

Experience the convenience of online 1:1 sessions with me, where I provide guidance and mentorship on various subjects around sexuality encompassing sex-positivity, consent, pleasure, non-monogamy, and beyond. Our sessions may incorporate coaching tools and somatic embodied practices for a comprehensive and enriching experience.

Sexological Bodywork

Explore your sexuality, release tension, and connect with your authentic desires through a embodied approach that combines touch & hands-on techniques, breathwork, and mindful awareness, in a safeR and supportive setting. To read more about the method visit the Page linked below.

Intimacy Coaching

I offer in-person coaching sessions that cover topics around sexuality and intimacy, including masturbation, self-discovery, non-monogamy, and more. In our sessions, you'll find a safe and confidential space to explore and enhance your understanding of these aspects of your life, empowering you to embrace a more fulfilling and authentic self.

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You can join in at anytime <3 

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You can join anytime and do it in your own pace 🎉 

In this Telegram Channel, I posted daily Inspirations to explore the profound benefits of this mindful Practice, celebrating and enhancing your sexuality.

Benefits of Mindful Erotic Practice:

🌟Enhanced Self-Awareness: Discover yourself on a deeper level.

🌟 Empathetic Connections: Build deeper bonds with yourself and others.

🌟 Sensual Mindfulness: Explore sensations and emotions consciously.

🌟 Well-Being: Unlock emotional balance and intuition. 

🌟 More Lust and Aliveness: Take the time and give yourself the touch you deserve. 

👉 https://t.me/embodiedselflove

Let the self-love journey begin! 


Some of my Achievements I am so Proud of

22 years

I am a licensed therapist with 22 years of experience.

32 countries

Women from 32 countries visited my lectures and events.


Dear friends, we are looking to meet the needs of the present.

7 years

For the last 7 years I work with women to help them awaken their femininity.


I was nominated and won 8 awards as a therapist of the year.


More than 4000 women became happier by completing my courses.



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4000+ Happy Clients

Words from my Clients

“Mary is just magical person who is there for your 24h a day. She helped me so much, I am a different person now living my dream life. I became very confident and am now in charge of my life. Mary made sure the transformation went smoothly and helped during each stage. There are no words that could express my gratitude.”

Simone Turner

“She helped me so much, I am a different person now living my dream life. I became very confident and am now in charge of my life. Mary made sure the transformation went smoothly and helped during each stage. There are no words that could express my gratitude.”

Lola Bunny

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    Accountability & Feedback

    If you ever feel uncomfortable or experience any form of discrimination, misconduct, stigmatization, or similar issues before, during, or after a session with me, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 

    You can either fill out this feedback form anonymously, reach out to me directly or contact the ISB Berlin training team at info@isbberlin.com if you prefer to communicate with a third party.

    Your well-being and comfort are important to me, and we are here to support you.